Gisele Lagace is back — and Modern Tales has got her!

Modern Tales, the leading subscription service for webcomics, announced today that Gisele Lagace, whose popular Keenspot series COOL CAT STUDIO won comics industry awards for “Best New Artist” and “Best Online Artist” in 2002, returns to online comics with PENNY AND AGGIE, which will run three times a week on as well as Gisele is rejoining writer T Campbell (FANS, RIP AND TERI) for a teen comedy unlike any you’ve ever seen.

Modern Tales publisher Joey Manley said, “We’re proud to have Gisele on board. Her elegant line, spot-on characterizations and pacing, and sheer professionalism generally set her head and shoulders above most webcomics out there: she has always belonged on Modern Tales. We’ve always wanted her to join us. And now she has.” The strip itself, Manley added, is reminiscent of the best of Archie Comics’ output, specifically the classic [i]Betty and Veronica[/i] series — only updated for the current teen scene. “This comic packs the same punch as the best of Dan DeCarlo or Stan Goldberg in their prime — not in style (Gisele has her own inimitable style), but in spirit, energy, and fun. I hope and expect that “Penny and Aggie” will expand the Modern Tales audience, and the audience for professional webcomics, and, for that matter, for comics, generally.” As for the strip’s writer, T Campbell, Manley said, “Is there anything T Campbell can’t write? He’s our Bendis.”

Penny is a prom queen in the making. If you stood on the top rung of the social ladder and stretched, you might just brush her foot. The other popular girls in school take her cue on which clothes to wear, which hairstyles to try, which boys to acknowledge. If there’s more to her than this “Mean Girls” stereotype… she’s never shown it.

Aggie is the class weirdie. Rumor has it she carries a rat in her purse.
She’s more concerned about oil drilling in Alaska than whether one of the boys from football tryouts might like her. She’s an amateur artist and poet, and dresses like one.

ggie aims sarcastic barbs at Penny’s shallowness. Aggie’s frustrating weirdness leads Penny to plot her downfall. But somewhere along the way, a bond begins to grow between them– a bond neither one expected and neither can explain.

Modern Tales, T Campbell and Gisele Lagace proudly present PENNY AND AGGIE.


Joey Manley

Joey Manley (b.1965–d.2013) was the author of the novel The Death of Donna-May Dean (1992), entrepreneur, and founder of Modern Tales and WebcomicsNation.