ComixTalk for Monday, March 8, 2010

Jeff Bridges Draws!

OSCARS!  I bailed on watching them this year — maybe the highlights will be on the youtubebox?  Anyhow though, the Comics Reporter reported that ACADEMY AWARD WINNER Jeff Bridges is also a cartoonist.  Whodathunkit?  A few tiny site notes — (1) you can add your first/last name, homepage and webcomic URLs and a picture to your ComixTALK user account (restoring us to 2006 functionality! yay…); (2) if you add your name it'll show up on your blog and forum posts instead of your account name; (3) oh yeah, a small forum is back up (with a link to the ancient pre-2005ish forums) and maybe we'll do something with that this year.

INTERVIEW: Brigid Alverson snags an interview with the anonymous writer of Zahra's Paradise, which is about a mother searching for her missing son in the aftermath of the protests following the Iranian presidential election of 2009.  Brigid also has a great roundup of all ages comics reviews and interviews.

THEORY: Scott McCloud writes about this article by Tokyo-based Craig Mod on different contents’ ability (or lack thereof) to migrate easily from device to device.  I get McCloud main take on Mod's article which is sort of a warning that if we're not careful webcomics will get stuck with a bad "metaphor" for "reading/viewing/processing" them but I don't really buy it.  I think the web is still incredibly fluid and open to innovation and I don't really see where the network effect is that would lock us into something.

BUSINESS: The Casual Webcartoonists writes about how to price your artwork.

CRAFT: Project Waldo has a post on making word balloons.

VERSUS: Webcomic Planet is hosting a "webcomics war" where comic creators "try to dominate the playing field by earning points by advertising their own sites."

JUSTIFY KONRAD's HYPE: Someone's list of webcomic recommendations — seems like a good mix of stuff!


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