Concerned: The Adventures of Gordon Frohman

Concerned by Chris Livingston is sort of “Life of Brian”-esque story about the videogame Half Life 2. Whereas the game HL2 focuses on the story of Gordon Freeman, Concerned gives us the story of Gordon Frohman who traverses the same territory as the real hero of HL2 but not with the same revolutionary results.

Concerned uses a mod to HL2 that allows the posing of HL2 characters and use of other objects in the HL2 universe and Livingston uses it all to good effect. For the most part this webcomic will only appeal to people who have played Half Life 2 because you need to be familar with the game to laugh at how Concerned goes against the expectations HL2 sets up. Still that’s a pretty big potential audience for this, so far, well written webcomic.


Xaviar Xerexes

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