I suck and forgot to blog for Xerexes. It wasn't until I was packing for Connecticon did I realize that I'd be cutting my guest writing short because of the convention. I blame the convention. So let me tell you about Connecticon.

I signed up for Connecticon because it had a section for Webcomics. (and because my cousin, Larom from told me to) For the first time guests are chosen for popularity and not out of politicks. The websites unique visits determine what the artist gets; free table, hotel, airfare.Â

For the first time at a convention I didn't have to explain what a webcomic was. These were my people! I talked to other independent webcartoonists about merchandising and marketing. I schemed with my cousin about convention takeovers and spreading the webcomic word! Soon, webcomics will be a force in the convention circuit and no longer shall we be shuffled off with the other tracers! mwahahahaa


okay, calming down.



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