Create Micro Hysteria

Seth Godin is a marketer and his insights range from the startlingly good to the blindingly obvious. This post though seemed to capture an idea that's rattled around my brain for a couple years. There's at least some portion of active webcomics creators that want to "succeed" and define that as some combination of readers, income, and attention. In a niche medium like webcomics by definition, successfully creating that perfect storm of success is something like what Godin calls "micro hysteria". It doesn't last forever, but achieving it at all tends to vault its creators into greater awareness (at least amongst the webcomics community).

In webcomics I can think of some things that seem like examples – the emergence of Eric Burn's blog Websnark in late 20052004; Adrian Ramos' then new webcomic Count Your Sheep; Dead Mouse's Ballad; – all things that seemed to suddenly be what everyone (okay – not everyone, but a significant number) was talking about for at least awhile.


Xaviar Xerexes

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