Graphic Novel Sales Blow By “Pamphlet” Sales? ICv2 Panel Provides the Data

I'll try to have a round-up of news later today but I wanted to post separately on some news coming out of the NY Comicon from a presentation by ICv2. Let's pull some quotes from Dirk Deppey's Journalista! story on the panel:

  • By and of itself, the Naruto line of books probably accounts for a high single-digit percentage of all graphic novels sold last year.
  • [S]cholastic’s book fairs are indeed a lucrative source of sales, and Scholastic (which you’ll remember, claims over $4 million in GN sales from schools) is treating it seriously, to the point of producing study guides for teachers to use with Jeff Smith’s Bone series….
  • Mass-market sales through outlets such as Walmart are beginning to bloom, but have yet to become a significant factor in overall sales.

Deppey than goes on to ask in print some questions he thinks the panel raised such as "Do superheroes currently account for even half of the comics-sales earnings in the United States?" Good question and one I would love to see the answer on. This is a question of sales, mind you, which by definition is a subset of all published comics.

Deppey also ask "How long before Viz Media overtakes DC Comics as the #2 comics publisher in the country?" Good question. (Check out the Journalista! story for links to more coverage of this panel)


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