The Creative Process of Chris Ware

One of the many (MANY! can I just declare an "all apologies" alert?) things I overlooked in my email basket was this email from Jennifer Kobzik of  She wrote to let me know about Encounter: USA Fellows — which features video shorts profiling artists and their work. The "hook" so to speak of this project is that each video tries to show a glimpse of the creative process.  One of the featured artist’s videos features the work of Chris Ware set to some music he likes to listen too while he works:

The sponsor of the site is United States Artists (USA), a new non-profit organization "celebrating the fearless impulse that compels every great artist to create and inspire us to think."  I have done ZERO research on this story so I apologize in advance if any of this is just hype but the USA groups states that it awards 50 of America ‘s finest artists a grant of $50,000 each year which sounds pretty legit and dang significant to me.


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