NYTimes on Joe Simon, Creator of Captain America

NYTimes.com has a story on 94 year old Joe Simon who will be at this weekend’s NYCC.  Simon created Captain America with Jack "King" Kirby at Timely (precursor to Marvel) and then created scores more characters at DC:

Mr. Simon may not be involved in monthly comics, but he’s still drawing. In September 2001 he recreated the cover of Captain America Comics No. 1, but substituted Osama bin Laden for Hitler. “I did it out of anger,” he said. “Adolf got his. Osama will too.”  When he heard from friends at Marvel that Captain America might be murdered in 2007, Mr. Simon grabbed his brush. The result was a “Last Supper” painting of the captain and 12 fellow champions at a table surrounded by junk food.


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