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Gisele Lagace

Penny and Aggie leaves Modern Tales

T Campbell and Gisele Lagace's Penny and Aggie is leaving Modern Tales to make bid at the newspaper syndicates. Websnark has the scoop.

C. Ulture Shock creator passes away

Selena "Kitsune76" Ulrich of England passed away, after battling with acute leukemia. She had just turned 28.

Ulrich was the creator and writer of C. Ulture Shocked, a webcomic with a modest cult following that lasted from 2000-2002. She was a dear friend to many in the webcomics community, and though her comic had been put on indefinite hiatus near the end of 2002, she had always wanted to start again.

Gisele Lagace is back -- and Modern Tales has got her!

Modern Tales, the leading subscription service for webcomics, announced today that Gisele Lagace, whose popular Keenspot series COOL CAT STUDIO won comics industry awards for "Best New Artist" and "Best Online Artist" in 2002, returns to online comics with PENNY AND AGGIE, which will run three times a week on as well as Gisele is rejoining writer T Campbell (FANS, RIP AND TERI) for a teen comedy unlike any you've ever seen.

Flamefighting by T Campbell

"Campbell Campbell Campbell!" the thread screamed at me, flaring a red "angry" face at the top of the message board.

It was late. I was tired and sleep-deprived, and we had just officially begun the War on Terror, but I tried to steel myself for whatever the message might have to say. I tried, but not hard enough.

"I would have thought that the last story would have been enough to get him to put down the pen forever. I guess not."