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Gisele Lagace

May Cover Art

May Cover Art
Cover art by Gisele Lagace.

Comix Talk for the Weekend

Let's Go To The Videogame Chuck: Comics based upon (and licensed from) videogames: The Sacrifice by Mike Oeming turns the premise of Left 4 Dead into a webcomic and Chris Avellone created Fallout: New Vegas—All Roads! -- a graphic novel prequel to the upcoming videogame Fallout: New Vegas.

INTERVIEW: Pop Syndicate interviews Gisele Lagace and Dave of the webcomic Menage a 3.

REBOOT:  Captain Excelsior gets renamed Captain Stupendous for the forthcoming print edition from creators Zach Weiner and Chris Jones.

REVIEW: Lauren Davis has a nice write-up of John Allison's Bad Machinery at the IO9 blog

HYPE: Caldwell Tanner combines history and Frank Miller perfectly in a parody over at College Humor! Very funny and I thought he nailed the garish energy of Miller's covers.

MAILBAG: Ian Terrell writes about his webcomic The Grumpiverse "that takes on the news of the day and week that makes us grumpy for one reason or another.  We consider it a webcomic, although to some it might fall more under the category of political cartooning."

Joe Shuster Awards: Webcomic Nominees

Joe Shuster AwardsThe nominees for the 2010 Joe Shuster Award in the categoy of "Webcomics/Bandes Dessinées Web" are:

The 6th Annual Awards Ceremony is on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 at the Innis Town Hall (University of Toronto) with returning Master of Ceremonies Jonathan Llyr.  The awards ceremony is held on the same weekend as the Toronto ComiCON FAN APPRECIATION Event (June 5-6).

Comix Talk for Thursday, March 18, 2010

AWARDS: The Joe Shuster award nominees were announced.  The webcomic category nominees are: Attila Adorjany – Metaphysical Neuroma; Kate Beaton – Hark! A Vagrant ;Andy Belanger – Bottle of Awesome and Raising Hell; Rene Engström – Anders Loves Maria; Karl Kerschl – The Abominable Charles Christopher; Gisèle Lagacé and David Lumsdon – Eerie Cuties and Ménage à 3; Tara Tallan – Galaxion; and Steve Wolfhard – Cat Rackham.

REVIEW: El Santo reviews By Moon Alone.

A Little Weekend Hype: Eerie Cuties

Gisèle Lagacé, who past webcomic work includes Ménage à 3, Penny & Aggie, and Cool Cat Studio, has a new webcomic called Eerie Cuties:

What is EC? Well, it's comedy horror meets cute. The cast consists of teenage monsters in high school. As strips go by, you'll learn a bit more about what makes this school "different." The header image already gives you hints to the type of monsters you'll see in EC. You'll meet them, and the rest of the cast, slowly but surely. :)

Check Back Later When This Post Is Finished -- Okay Done!

I've been posting some good stories Alexander Danner wrote for the prior version of  Another one today on whatever happenned to four (briefly) rock stars of webcomic.

Life Imitates Art Comics: James Kochalka wrote in a comic about a game in a dream he was having, somebody actually makes the game, now he makes a comic about it.  Hmmm... That's a tempting power over the universe he seems to have developed.

AWARDS: The Canadian Joe Shuster Award nominations are out - the webcomics category is outstanding: Kate Beaton, Michael Cho, Lar De Souza & Ryan Sohmer, Kathryn & Stuart Immonen, Karl Kerschl, Gisele Lagace, Ramón K. Pérez, and Cameron Stewart.

INTERVIEWS: Newsarama has an interview with Bellen! creator Brian Brown about his new book and winning a Xeric grant.

SMALL SCREENS: Sean Kleefeld had a good post on some of the inherent challenges of smaller screens as a way to read/display comics.

NOT WEBCOMICS: The browser-based ZORK! game is out.  Jim Zubkavich did gobs of great art for this.

JUSTIFY MY HYPE: Some comics I'm checking out: Rooby Moon and Schoolhouse Daze.

Who Are You?: An interview with T Campbell (Penny & Aggie, Divalicious!, and others)

whoareyouIf you spend any time with webcomics, chances are you’re going to run into something written or created by T Campbell. Mr. Campbell’s flagship work is the high school drama Penny & Aggie (reviewed here), which he co-created with artist Gisèle Lagacé. Yet, this comic writer has done much more: Rip & Teri, Search Engine Funnies, Cool Cat Studio, and the long-running Fans! Along with artist Amy Mebberson, he created Pop Star for the “Rising Stars of Manga” contest at TOKYOPOP, which would later become the comic known as Divalicious! T also co-created the webcomic transcription tool Oh No Robot with Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics.

I contacted T by e-mail, and he was very gracious about answering several questions I had, including a few about a project that he nowadays regrets: his book, A History of Webcomics.

Why aren’t we all updating Comixpedia?


I know folks are getting bummed out about how webcomics are being purged from Wikipedia over notability issues. However, webcomic artists already had a pretty decent wiki with  Why is no one using it?

Site Maintenance; Features Articles Update Coming

I've had to tackle some under-the-hood site maintenance and that's delayed another feature articles update.  Hopefully tonight!

In sporadically researched news-for-today:

ComicsMix links to a funny parody/mashup called Calvin and Jobs.

Very cool guest week at Wapsi Square commencing now with stuff from Scott Sava; Ryan Sias; Gisèle Lagacé; Trudy Cooper; and David Reddick.

Comics Reporters catches news of the exact date of the end of For Better or For Worse, sadly concluding with the just-doesn't-work plot of the wedding of Anthony and Elizabeth... (well unless creator Lynn Johnston has secretly viewed FBOFW as a story of great tragedy all along...)

DJ Coffman comments on WOWIO charging the same price for ebook versions of Hero By Night as the paper versions: ridiculous.

Comics Worth Reading reviews the Zuda entries for August.

The Scienteers have a rundown of the week at DrunkDuck comics.

Journalista! catches interviews with Cul de Sac creator Richard Thompson, Candorville creator Darrin Bell, The Araknid Kid creator Josh Alves, and Pictures for Sad Children cartoonist John Campbell.

The Gigcast 143

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