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Warren Ellis

Strip News 7-10-9

We’ve been busy, busy, busy…
2009 05 19 Death From A Silver Cloud 200x300 Strip News 7 10 9

23 Ways for a Comic Artist to Survive and Thrive in any Economy

By Jason Thibault

This was originally a to do list that I wrote for myself. I was trying to think of as many things that I could do as an artist to expand my reach and get the word out there. Some were stupid so I immediately omitted them and tried to chisel this list down to only the good stuff.

Longbox Digital Comics, Life after Diamond and the new Whiteout Trailer

The weeks keep getting hotter and crazier.

A huge thanks goes out to Richard Caldwell and for the interview that they did with me. Richard I have fun on twitter and I enjoyed trading emails back and forth with him for the past few weeks.


Strip News 6-16-9

VELCRO2BHAT 212x300 Strip News 6 16 9Being ill this last weekend gave me a bit of free time to poke around and find some interesting novelties…

Miscellaneous Musings & Media Giants

Hi, Everyone!

This vacation week has been sunshine and roses all the way!  Today, Benita and I ate lunch with some old friends from college.  We are just about done getting issue 9 corrected and packaged, and it will be off to the printer quite soon.  At the end of next issue, we may have enough material for the next trade-paperback!

Comics, Comics, Everywhere!

Hi, All!

Weekly Roundup: Bleeding Cool, Chuck Palahniuk and French Batman

Most of the talk in the comics blogosphere and news sites centered around Rich Johnston’s new site, His residency and column Lying in the Gutters has come to an end at Comic Book Resources.
Warren Ellis has returned to writing a weekly column at Bleeding Cool entitled Do Anything. Looks like it’s going to be a fun ride.

Five Reasons to Draw with Pen and Ink on Paper (and sometimes big)

by Jason Thibault

Now that computers and the internet have overtaken the world I sometimes fear that a lot of the traditional things that we take for granted will slowly begin to disappear. It may be an irrational fear as the internet has also brought to light amazing factions of creators in different pockets of the globe.

Plan B is Great Fun

Mitz' Plan B is one of the first (the first?) webcomics plugged on Warren Ellis' webcomics thread at Whitechapel.  It is a great find -- fun art with a good twist on superhero stuff.  Veronica is a super-villian with motivations.  So far it's just good stuff - good pacing, nice dialogue, plausible world-building in it.  I WISH Mitz would set up a proper webcomic-style navigation for this, but that's my one quibble.

Definitely worth checking out.

Webcomics Should Be Good?

TNPPress launches (it's a reboot of The Noir) -- a webcomic collective and community.  Live long and draw good comics!

Comics Worth Reading interviews Gina Biggs of Red String.
Comics Worth Reading interviews Kevin Church of snarky blogging and the comic about a comic book shop, The Rack.
Chris Irving interviews Joe Infurnari of The Process and Ultralad.

I read Sean Kleefeld's description of also-ran comic book distributor Haven and I don't think anything he points to justifies the optimistic tone he takes.  The one thing that's very true about comics is how easy it is to set up shop in comics.  It means it's easy for a couple of people to start a business and get noticed.  It doesn't really say much about the actual viability of the business plan.

Warren Ellis invites webcomic creators to pitch their work to his vast hordes of readers.

Blake Chen's The Twiight Lady looks interesting -- about a year's worth of archives right now.  Self-described as "Twilight Lady is about an immortal soul trapped in the prison of the body." It's got poseur-style artwork going on - a little stiff at times but overall I didn't find it too problematic.  At a point where it seems like Chen is catching a good groove with the work and worth checking out.