Ctrl+Alt+Del Announces LAN Party

Tim Buckley has announced the Digital Overload LAN party. The party, aimed at fans of Buckley's webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Del, will be held at the Rhode Island Conference Center in Providence, RI, on March 10-12.

The LAN party will have room for 750 visitors and costs $50. The Digital Strips blog has found the pressrelease.

"This will be the first ever LAN Party organized by Ctrl+Alt+Del and the largest ever for a webcomic. Were really excited to be working with Ctrl+Alt+Del on this project" said Randy Waxman, President of Blind Ferret Entertainment. "The Ctrl+Alt+Del brand has become very well known and extremely powerful in the gaming world, and fans have been itching for a Ctrl+Alt+Del exclusive event like this for years."

Blind Ferret Entertainment who is organizing the event is also the producers behind the Ctrl+Alt+Del The Animated Series, which will debute on February 1st.