The Current Modern Tales Lineup

Since this post will sound a bit negative once you get through the whole thing let me just set the context:

I'm a real life customer of MT and have subscribed for about 2 years. I like what I get from MT and don't have any current thoughts about quitting. But just skimming through all of MT today (I do that since I subscribe to it!) and it hit me that Modern Tales right now has only 9 series running — from Donna Barr and Dorothy Gambrell — out of 43 (there's one coming from Joe Zabel not yet started so I'm not counting that).

That seems like a lot.

When you discount the series that aren't updating regularly or recently that are listed as current series it's an even higher percentage but at a minimum Barr and Gambrill are almost 25% of Modern Tale's lineup. I like Gambrill, haven't really gotten into Barr. Either way that just seems like too much from 2 when there is so much out there that could be part of the MT lineup.

Another thing that is slightly alarming heading into 2005 is the possibility of MT slipping into something I call the "fraternity" mentality that is part and parcel of Keenspot. Once you're "in" Keenspot it seems like you're in for life. If you want to end your amazing well done and popular webcomic to post daily updates of your toe fungus it appears that you can stay in the Keenspot "line up". Keenspot doesn't charge me so even though I question the strategy I don't mind it. In contrast, I don't want to see MT doing that. If artists bobble or end or whatever their projects I don't really want to see it replaced with something slapdash from the same artist. Just some 2 cents.

Now back to reading more MT comics.


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