John Barber’s How To for Vicious Souvenirs

I just hadn’t gotten a chance to read most of Vicious Souvenirs before tonight. It’s not one of those 2 minutes and laugh kind of comic. It’s well worth your time to immerse yourself in it. And it really does improve as the series rolls along – Barber seems to more intuitively use cuts between panels that FLASH allows in the later installments.

One thing worth noting if you haven’t read the series is this how to on Vicious Souvenirs that Barber did. It’s a technical thing about making the comic this way. It’s probably something that Barber should think about offering outside of the MT wall if he hasn’t already as it’s interesting and not really part of the VS archives when you think about it.

UPDATE: I realized that Barber is now working at Marvel and that’s probably the reason why he has not posted anything from the announced (last year) chapter 3 of VS. I didn’t see any details on John’s forum – can anyone fill me in? If John (or someone else) let’s me know, I’ll post more here.


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