This Day In ComixTALK: August 13, 2010

Amulet 3

Time for another trip to the webcomics wayback machine:


I reviewed Kazu Kibuishi's AMULET 2: The Stone Keeper's Curse.  Book three of the series is due September 2010!


I interviewed Peter Donahue of the innovative webcomic Pear Pear.


I linked to a FLEEN post about the beginnings of the now-shuttered Zuda portal from DC Comics; and I wrote about Scott Adams mentoring of webcomic creator Scott Meyer.  Plus, Tim Demeter wrote a guest post for us on BUSINESS TIME!


I wrote about the now-deceased Top List at ComixTalk — while at one point toplists seemed to be a fairly active way for readers to discover and share webcomics, it seems now that they've faded in importance compared to social media and other aggregating technologies and sites.


Marvelous Patric wrote about moving his webcomic Freaks N Squeaks to the Webcomics Nation hosting service.  At the time, many webcomics were actively experimenting with subscription strategies and Patric was no exception.


Dedos wrote about the then now webcomic-hosting service, Comic Sherpa, offered by Comics syndication site,


hobounicorn wrote about a Texas court decision that all comics are for kids.  I think things have probably gotten better since than, particularly online.


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