You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby! (Wait, That’s Sexist)

 When Cathy Guisewite started her comics career in 1976 there weren't many women making comics. 'Cathy' was one of the first mainstream comics written by and about a woman. When she announced she would be ending the long-running comic strip October 3rd it made me think about some of the webcomics I read that happen to be made by women.

This is nowhere near a complete list of webcomics made by women but, in my opinion, these are some of the best comics online, period. Some have been around for a while and others are relatively new to the scene. They all prove a great point; the only person keeping you out of webcomics is you. 
When Cathy Guisewite broke into comics in the mid-1970s she did so in a male-dominated field. She was considered to be a groundbreaker and she was. Today comics (and webcomics) are still heavily populated by male creators but there is a big difference. Now if you have an idea for a comic and you want to put it out there for the world to see, man or woman, you just do it. There are still a few people who are surprised to see a woman cartoonist but that number shrinks every day. 
As the father of a daughter, I'm happy I live in a world where I have these women to serve as examples of what a person can do, when you have a dream, regardless of which pair of chromosomes you may have. The days of things being a man's job or a woman's job are fading into the shadows of time. There are still challenges to overcome, but each generation builds on the accomplishments of the previous one.  I'm proud to live in a generation where I can see a strong foundation for the next being built.