This Day In Webcomics: January 1st

Well I hope you had a marvelous New Year’s Eve and whenever you wake up today in glorious 2009 make a few resolutions to make some comics and read some comics.  Expand your horizons.  Buy a new comic or some hep swag from your favorite artist.  Chip in a few bucks when someone taking the risk of making comics all the time hits a roadbump.  Have fun.  Take your wacom outside sometimes (Vitamin D is necessary you know…)…

Anyhow here’s the traditional day in ComixTalk type post I do when I don’t have any new ideas (and I’m curious if I ever did).  More posting (hopefully) beginning next Monday, January 5th.


  • Comixtalk user announced the launch of his webcomic Rival Angels which follows the story of Sabrina ‘Ultragirl’ Mancini as she looks to aspire to greatness in the world of pro wrestling. And still updating consistently a year later in 2009!
  • Narbonic creator Shaenon K. Garrity returned to daily webcomic-making with the new comic Skin Horse created with co-writer Jeffrey Channing Wells.  One year later I’d have to say that I’m really enjoying it and it has filled the hole in my reading left my the end of her earlier effort Narbonic


  • Comixtalk user celebrated the first year of his webcomic Brinkerhoff.
  • The comics industry jobs site launched.  Currently the site is static with a page announcing "Relaunching in 2009!" 




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