Post Birthday/New Year’s Webcomic Blues

New Webcomic Hosting Site?

Webcomic Planet is still in beta but it is up and worth checking out.  Free hosting with wordpress plus the comicpress theme is a great idea plus its owners include Tyler Martin the creator of the comicpress theme as well as Philip Hofer of and John Bintz.

BEST OF 2008

Derik Badman had a short list of recommended best of 2008 webcomics.

El Santo notes that voting for the 2008 Weblog Awards starts this Monday — there is a comic strip category that includes several webcomics (well they're all "web" comics but several are independent comics on the web)

And Happy Birthday To Me!

Sadly I've been sick all week and missed out on most of my plans for celebrating holidays and such but this past Friday was my birthday.   Apparently I'm semi-prominent enough to get a mention on The Comics Reporter (of course I did send in my birthdate to Tom, but regardless, thanks!) — it's all downhill in comics for me now! 🙂


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