D.C. or Bust

Xavier was generous enough to let me guest-blog here for the week. That said, I demanded that if I did it I got to shamelessly promote my own event on the front page.  So here we go.

If any of you are celebrating the lovely July 4th weekend here in our nation’s capital, please be sure to stop by and check out the Cartoonists WIth Attitude slideshow and signing on Saturday, July 7th at 2:00 P.M.  Myself, as well as print and online favorites Ruben Bolling, Ted Rall, Matt Bors, Mikhaela Reid, Brian McFadden, and Jen Sorensen will be showing off cartoons and signing books.

If you think webcartoonists have it bad in terms of range of shows and opportunities to do signings and book sales, imagine what it’s like for alternative print cartoonists.  And I’m an alternative print cartoonists who appears on the web, so I’m really unpopular.  Show up if you can and offer your support.  Plus, you know, the cartoons are probably funny.  I don’t know, maybe mine aren’t.  I haven’t seen them yet.  Off to beat the serfs in the production wing.