United We Stand

A happy 4th to all you American readers out there.  For you not-American readers, give us all your natural resources.  Now.

On the whole unity and independence front, another meager tip I have for advancing in the comics world, both online and off, is a More Perfect Union.  Forming a group of cartoonists is one of the best ideas ever.  It’s great for exchanging ideas, sharing costs and table space, and making larger recognition for everyone involved.  I already touched briefly on the Dumbrella guys in my earlier post, but sufficed to say they’ve got a really great system going on.  

I, myself, am a member of Cartoonists With Attitude, and it’s done wonders for a lot of us.  It’s a great feling to know you’re tabling at a show with ten people you know you’re friends with and get along with.  It’s great to have a big banner representing all of you.  It’s great to have Ted Rall involved.

So, yeah.  That’s my advice for Independence day.  Join or Die, like the first political cartoon said. 



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