Digital Comics Documentary Film Controversy Continues

UPDATE: Posts on this topic today from Scott McCloud, cat garza, and Tycho and Scott Kurtz on the online debate provoked by a recent Penny Arcade webcomic commenting on the trailer for the still not released Adventures Into Digital Comics documentary.

cat garza is one of the creators interviewed in the trailer for the documentary as well as the Penny Arcade strip lampooning it. Discussion of this story is already underway in the earlier post about Scott McCloud’s essay.

Xerexes here – all of this attention has significantly increased the traffic to the website for Adventures Into Digital Comics and resulted in the trailer temporarily not being available. A quote from the website:

Due to an unexpected 151,457 hits on our server on Wednesday to watch the trailer, we’ve been forced to look for more space. We hope to have the trailer back online in a few days and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Tom Spurgeon made a comment on The Comics Reporter and draws a parallel to disagreement within print comics regarding comics for art sake and comics with a successfull business model.