Doctor Fun!!! The longest-running comic on the Web!

Doctor Fun by David Farley

Doctor Fun says it has the distinction of being the longest-running comic on the Web. David Farley, who draws the cartoon in Chicago where he manages a tech-support group, says he moved Doctor Fun to ibiblio in 1993 and now gets close to 50,000 hits on his site a day. Farley once had a contract to make Doctor Fun commercial through United Media, but the contract fell through, and he says he is happy sticking with Ibiblio.

Ibiblio is hardly a boring backwater of the Web. Access data shows that about 5 million visitors poke into its various corners every day, whether to download a file, listen to one of five radio stations or look at the latest installment of Doctor Fun — a Far Side-esque one-panel cartoon that pokes irreverent fun at topics that include world politics and Bjork's swan dress.