A Doemain of Our Own announces change from online to print

Cartoonist Susan Rankin has recently announced that her long-running anthropomorphic strip A Doemain of Our Own will be changing from a free (mostly) weekly online comic to a periodic print comic in November. This change in format will not affect Rankin’s collaboration with John Robey on NeverNever.

In her blog, Rankin says about the change: "You might be asking yourself why I’m doing this, why I’m switching formats. Before anyone shakes their fist and says, "She’s going to switch over to a pay-only format! That money-hungry so-and-so! I knew she was no good! They’re all alike!" … I’ll level with you. Unless you’re Penny Arcade, there’s very little money in any of it in either case. No, it’s not money. It’s the volume of work. It’s time for me to focus on illustration and painting and I’m just having too difficult a time concentrating enough to that with 2 strips, which all just feels like homework."

Doemain first appeared online in 1999, with an erratic publishing schedule that was frequently complicated by the cartoonist’s health issues, a topic she addressed in her strip, which featured fantasticized anthropomorphic versions of herself and her husband. One of the strip’s most sterling, if saddest, plotlines occurred when Rankin had to handle how her real-life divorce was reflected in the lives of her characters.

Doemain‘s new publishing schedule remains unset, but Rankin has said she plans to publish no later than June 2008.