Drama Day by Day

The drama of Chris Muir's black face faux pas continues at a furious pace. The center is now in the comic, rather than blog, community. As first reported here at Comixpedia, Shaenon Garrity wrote two entries essentially forgiving the black face joke but skin Muir alive over his misogyny, mild racism, hypocrisy, crummy artistic skills and panel organization, and basic unfunniness. She then muses on why conservative comics suck, and why liberal ones don't. In return Dirk Deppey firebombs Garrity's posts, essentially accusing Garrity of gross political bias and defending Muir by comparing him favorably to comic deity Gary Trudeau. Given the friendly relationship these two usually have, it is unlikely to get real ugly, but if you like funny, intelligent flame wars this is a good one.

Personally speaking, I do think Garrity has a point. Day by Day is an okay strip. But there are alot of liberal comics I like alot better. In fact I like most liberal strips alot better than I like conservative ones. Is there something wrong with conservative comics? What is it?


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