Drawing Software: What do you use?

Since I know a lot of the readers here also make webcomics, I’ve got a question:

What software do you use in creating your webcomic?

I’ve been using Corel Painter IX for a few years now (with a Wacom Tablet on a Mac). It has a lot of great tools for recreating different types of media (paint, pencil, watercolor, crayon, etc) and has worked for me so far, but I’m getting annoyed with it for many reaons (including the fact that I just can’t get the version updates to work). So, I’ve been looking around at other options. Photoshop and Illustrator seem very popular, thought neither seem particularly suited for comics and are extremely expensive. I’ve been demoing Manga Studio EX which seems great, but I’ve only played with it superficially. The easy creation of panels and word balloons would be a great time saver, and I really like the "feel" of the pen tools with my tablet.

Curious to hear what others might recommend?


Derik Badman

Derik A Badman is a web developer (for Springshare, Inc) and comics artist/critic living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA with his wife and two cats. His comics are often abstract or poetic in nature, frequently drawing from appropriated sources.

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