Monday Monday, Derik’s Guest Blogging

Good Monday morning, everyone. Derik Badman here, this week’s guest blogger. My plan for the week is to post about a few webcomics I read–ones that might not get as much attention as they deserve–and whatever else I think of.

As a brief introduction: I’m a librarian in Philadelphia. I blog regularly at MadInkBeard, with a focus on comics, mostly looking at formalist elements (though if you go there now, there may be chaos, I re-themed the blog yesterday and am now trying to "fix" it in evil evil Internet Explorer). My webcomic is called Things Change: The Metamorphoses Comic. It’s twice weekly (Sun/Wed) and is a a series of linked short stories loosely based on Ovid’s Metamorphoses (Please go take a look). You may also have seen my Panels & Pictures column here at ComixTalk.

More soon, after a little html/css fiddling…


Derik Badman

Derik A Badman is a web developer (for Springshare, Inc) and comics artist/critic living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA with his wife and two cats. His comics are often abstract or poetic in nature, frequently drawing from appropriated sources.