“Drunk And Disorderly” ready for sale!

The second Drunk Duck Collection is about to hit the streets, but is currently available for preorder. This year’s book has eleven stories and comes in at over two hundred pages.

The following comics are found in the collection:

Dahlia Rose: written by John Daiker (of Cinderblock) and drawn by Amber “Glych” Greenlee. This action-packed story follows Red, a sexy vampire on a mission.

Bridgette’s Magic Unicorn – Chapter 2: written and drawn by Gigi (of Frightmore University and Silence). This is the next part of one of the most popular stories from the first Drunk Duck Collection. Bridgette, now a few years older, finds herself in an adventure you’ll have to read to believe.

No Room For Magic: written and drawn by Adis, famed writer of Count Your Sheep. A hilarous and fast-paced romp through Adis’ other masterpiece. Dragons, Fairies, and grade school mix together in this fun day in the life of our heroine, Magic.

Vastar Presents: The Stranger: written and drawn by Knuckles (of Vastar). Fans of Vastar and good writing will enjoy this story about a stranger that Vastar’s team encounters one day…

Taking the Throne: by Big Evil (of Dominion). Remember 64 Demons? Are you reading Dominion? Well, here is a tight, gritty short story you have to read. No one does a punch-up like Big Evil, and this one is just great!

NightGate: written by David Doub (of Bilaran Wars) and drawn by Johan R.H. (of Warped Up). There’s a new drug in the city, and it’s as deadly as it is addictive. A dark, noir/sci-fi story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Malviac: written and drawn by Andy Helms (of Oh My Fantasy Epic). A legend has been born – and today he finds out about it. Can this young boy fulfill his destiny? The Malviac is a story where mythology meets modern.

Tales of the Cinderblock: written and drawn by John Daiker. What does it take to be a peacekeeper? If you said, “the ability to whup some butt,” you’re right! On the amazing world that Daiker has created in Cinderblock, there’s one peacekeeper who outshines the rest.

The Samuel Clemens Incident: written by Scott Dalton and Joseph Lewis, drawn by Scott Dalton (of Eklectica). What do you get when you mix alcohol, a statue of a classic American author and a pickup truck? You’ll have to read this story to find out!

The Gods of Arr-Kelaan: Lucky Break: written and drawn by Team Rubber Mallet – Chuck Rowles, Steve Rowles and Martha Pezzino. It sucks to be banished by the Goddess of War to a small deserted island, but will things get better when the Goddess of Luck shows up?

Cat!: written and drawn by KC Green (of Bill The Magician, Anger Pauly, Droop, et al.). Another wild and wacky story about Cat, Italian Stereotype guy, and all sorts of freaks. If you know KC’s stuff, you’ll know how hard it is to describe it. Always great, though.


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  1. It’s “Red Dahlia” not “Dahlia Rose” and “Eclectica” no “K.”

    Just keeping your facts strait 😉


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