Hot Bullet Press – New Action Webcomic Portal

Hot Bullet Press combines eleven individual webcomics with the accent on action, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. You can get news on comic updates, talk about them on the HBP forum, or take a gander at the artist profiles from this hub. A full list of their comics follows below.

A Dream Dressed In Chains by Maelstrom
BadBlood by Liriel MacMahon
Clown Samurai by Quinn Fleming
Dominion by Mathew “Big Evil” Genier
Once Upon A Time In Elasia by Jason Briggs
GBH by Pete
Great Vagueness by Chi Kin
Monica Furious by Jeremiah Goldson
NetherOak by David R. Dryburgh
Star-Cross’d Destiny by Juno Blair B
WanderJive by Anthony Go Wu




  1. I loves me a good action title. I’ll have to sit down and devour these titles tonight! =)

  2. Liriel: you wouldn’t happen to know who does GBH, would ya? I tried looking on the site, but the best I could come up with was “Pete”…

  3. Wowzers, I’m actually in a COUPLE of newsposts! Huzzah!

  4. Uhm… actually… I have no idea. O_o

    *the kid who didn’t pay attention is class because they were too busy doodling*


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