Drunk Duck Dead

Apparently, Drunk Duck is dead. It’s been an up and down year for the free webcomics host, but recent reports are that its data has been lost and the site cannot be restored. (See Nightgig forum thread, Drunkduck LJ) In fact the drunkduck.com domain now forwards to a blog with this message:

It’s a sad day for DrunkDuck users. Unfortunately, endless problems with our hosts has left us with nothing. Here is an email from the host themselves:

Sorry, I haven’t been meaning to ignore you. I’ve been having problems with my laptop to the point where it isn’t even worth dealing with, now that GSH is shut down. I didn’t realize drunkduck has been down this whole time. I’m terribly sorry about that. I tried calling Steadfast today, and they told me that the account was deleted for nonpayment. It’s my fault for not keeping on top of that, and I’m sorry. I wish there was something else I could do, but it’s too late now.

You heard him kids, “it’s too late now”.

Luckily tblog.com is to the rescue. Not only does tblog belong to a close friend, but it is also similar in that it helps people build communities. So go build my friends… make a comic home here on tblog.com and hopefully DrunkDuck will be back again in some form or another.

Dylan Squires


Xaviar Xerexes

Wandering webcomic ronin. Created Comixpedia (2002-2005) and ComixTalk (2006-2012; 2016-?). Made a lot of unfinished comics and novels.


  1. I think it’s very possible that people will if so many of them want the old DrunkDuck back. Volte6 originally stated that he no longer wants to do a webcomic hosting site. However, after many people in the community expressed their desire to see the old DD back, Volte6 seems to be reconsidering. There have been people that said that if the old DD ever comes back, they’ll be back in a heartbeat.

    A new forum has now opened in DrunkDuck and Volte6 is looking for programmers. He’s thinking of approaching this as an open source project.

  2. The sad part is that Volte6 (Dylan Squires) had leased a new server and was trying to get in touch with Geekside Hosting for weeks in an attempt to get the data back. Turns out the data wasn’t even there anymore.

    DrunkDuck will come back but the big question is in what form will it return in. From what I’ve heard, Volte6 is still interested in doing something but may take this opportunity to steer in a different direction.

    A lot of us will be moving to NightGig (in fact, NightGig comprises mostly of ex-DrunkDuckers) and others are comtemplating other sites like SmackJeeves or JellyCreation. Hopefully the community will remain intact as it’s, in my opinion, one of DD’s greatest strengths and possibly the best webcomic community around.

    If any DrunkDuckers read this, feel free to go to the NightGig forum or the LJ community to discuss or get in touch with any of us. If there’s more news, it’ll be posted in those two places.

  3. If any DrunkDuckers are looking for a new home, I run SpiderForest.com and SpiderSpawn.com. If you like what you see, you can submit an application(like title/author/synopsis/comic link samples) in an e-mail to me. Applications are voted on by our network members.
    We have our own PHP webcomic archive system (code named proPanda), which has features such as user comments and news posting, as well as other stuff. We can also host your domain name and have had what may culminately add up to 2-3 hours of downtime all year.

    This also goes out to non-DDers. We’re always looking for a good webcomic to add to our growing network.

    Need any additonal info, just e-mail me or drop by the forums.

  4. This reminds me of the splintering we saw when Buzz collapsed. I imagine people will be flocking to all the other hosts that are available these days. It makes me sad a little when you think of the folks who really took off thanks to the DD community. (I remember Count Your Sheep got a real boost with it’s mirror.) I recall a time when we all thought Keenspace was going to implode, which brought a lotta folks to the duck. Now that Comic Genesis is fairly stable, it’s quite the opposite.

  5. I’d imagine most of the comics will likely move to Keemics Genesis and the really popular ones will likely buy Webcomics Nation accounts. Those who would have been likely to give up anyways will probably just use this as an opportunity to bow out.

  6. Wunderbaar! This means we win the war!

    -ComicGen Field Marshal Bob Von Clingenclanger

  7. Not just archives were lost, but I’m assuming all the comments and ratings are all gone as well. Seems noone thought to backup the database. Sucks because it was a fun community to be a part of and it was very easy to discover new comics. Don’t miss any of the spambots, though – they were making a mess of the comment system the last two months I was on it.

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