Eat The Roses turns the big 3!

Without the grand spectacle of years past, Eat The Roses turns 3 years old today.

Eat The Roses is a long form manga-ish comic drawn by Meaghan Quinn known as “that femmy spy comic”. It’s been hosted on crosswinds, keenspace, and now keenprime, and throughout that long stretch of time is still running the same story! Now in it’s third year, it’s finally drawing to a close and will finish in the coming months.

After the comic concludes, Meaghan will turn to a more serious fantasy story before reviving Eat the Roses with a whole new saga. “ETR is the comic that taught me to draw comics. It amazes me how far you can come in this short span of time, yet three years really is a long time to be working on just one project”, Meaghan says.