Flash Animator Contest in Canada

CBC television in Canada is looking for 4-6 minute Flash animated cartoons for a contest. From the website:

We’re looking for animated shorts to air on our new program, “Maple Shorts,” a TV series that features short animated films competing for a chance to win a pilot project with the CBC.

Here’s the deal: We want animators from across the country to submit original Flash cartoons, no more than 6 minutes in length, for an animated festival to be aired on national television this fall. Continue Reading


New Publication, The Webcomics Examiner, Premieres Today

The Webcomics Examiner — a new web-based publication that states it will focus on “frank, sophisticated discussions of the boldest new works in the [webcomics] medium” — was officially launched today.

The inaugural issue includes an interview with Eric Millikin, features on A Dog and His Elephant and Scott McCloud’s The Right Number , as well as reviews of Outside the Box, It’s About Girls, 1/0, Streets of Northampton and Sexy Losers.

You can learn more about The Webcomics Examiner‘s mandate and mission here. Continue Reading


Eat The Roses turns the big 3!

Without the grand spectacle of years past, Eat The Roses turns 3 years old today.

Eat The Roses is a long form manga-ish comic drawn by Meaghan Quinn known as “that femmy spy comic”. It’s been hosted on crosswinds, keenspace, and now keenprime, and throughout that long stretch of time is still running the same story! Now in it’s third year, it’s finally drawing to a close and will finish in the coming months.

After the comic concludes, Meaghan will turn to a more serious fantasy story before reviving Eat the Roses with a whole new saga. “ETR is the comic that taught me to draw comics. It amazes me how far you can come in this short span of time, yet three years really is a long time to be working on just one project”, Meaghan says. Continue Reading


The Comics Journal to cover (more) webcomics

Mequinn points to a thread on the Comic Journal messageboard about TCJ’s new column focusing on webcomics. The first edition of the column focuses on serializer.net and, in particular, highlights Drew Weing’s PUP for praise.

Comics is an artform and like all artforms it has its various sub-communities. It might not approach mods versus punks or Celine Dion versus any music fan with a shred of self-dignity, but it’s clear that the TCJ crowd comes at webcomics differently than say, the webcomics crowd. A recent chat on the talkaboutcomics.com IRC channel focused on TCJ’s new coverage of webcomics. Continue Reading