Stan Lee Presents: Webcomics!

An article at Silver Bullet Comics announced that Komikwerks is adding Stan Lee’s Sunday Comics to their lineup. It is published as a subscription model, with a cost of $4.95 per month, $49.95 for a full year.

From the article:
“At the time of the website’s launch, there are four titles under the Sunday Comics banner, and new titles will be added every month. The initial four comics are Joe Kubert’s Yossel: April 19, 1943, Jimmy Gownley’s Amelia Rules!, Bernie Wrightson’s Captain Sternn, and Keith Giffen’s Trencher.”

The PV Comics Forum is already buzzing with projections on how this will affect webcomics as a whole.




  1. Aside from the Trencher one, I don’t really see anything interesting there. Well, at least nothing worthy 4 bucks a month. Maybe the site will grow and bring more interesting reads, I’m sure. Also, I don’t know how putting Stan Lee’s name on the title can help marketing this thing. I actually almost didn’t click the link because I thought he was writing them.

  2. The article claims that more titles will be added as time goes on, so this is just the starting point. I think the Bernie Wrightson one looks interesting, but I am not gonna shell out $5 a month for it, either.

  3. They’re all reprints of mostly-forgotten print comics from the edges of the Direct Market. Sort of like those bins of cheap VHS tapes of less-popular movies you see near the check-out stand at Wal-Mart and Target. Except the pricing isn’t bargain bin.

    I riffed on this in my blog today:


  4. Oh, I see.

    “Hey, let’s take these out-of-print comics, stick Stan Lee’s name on them and charge 5 dollars a month! It’s a marketing wonder!”

    Jeeze… I wish Stan Lee good luck on this one, because he’s going to need it. No wonder the man gets “owned” so often lately.

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