Edward J Grug III featured at Your Comic Here

Edward J Grug III is a busy man! While drawing Charlie Red Eye, Snuggles, Vaminose, Diary Comics, Romance Comics and several other projects, Edward came up with this awsome comic for Your Comic Here. "Samson the Cat" is a brilliant use of mixed media with crayon backgrounds and web colored characters. Check it out!

You too can be a Your Comic Here artist.
Your Comic Here is a comic artist showcase. Every week we present a new comic by a new artist … and WE WANT YOU!

Whether you are a complete amature, a weekend artist or a professional, I am looking for one shot, stand alone comic strips. It can be any theme at all, however can not use established characters from your own web site or publication. Just e-mail me a 72dpi file, no larger than 760 pixels wide. If I like it, I will post it on my site. Simple as that. Art will remain copyright of the artist and you can publish it in any fashion, saving a right for me to keep a copy in an online archive with a link to help promote any of your other websites.

Draw a comic, get it published. NO hassle of signing up for a web-site, designing your archive pages, or any of that pesky html. Never drawn a comic before? Can you draw a stick figure? Maybe do a collage. It can be any style or form. Perhaps you are looking for new readers.

Submit something to dalosttoy@yahoo.com.