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Endurance Comic Making Update

From Our Senior Endurance Comics Reporter, Jack Ironpen:

"Xaviar, I'm standing here outside the small trailer where Ryan Estrada has spent 168 hours continuously creating a comic from scratch."

"Jack, that's amazing. How is he doing?"

"Well not good. First of all, he's been sitting in a trailer the size of a walk-in closet for a week. Xaviar - that thing has no ventilation at all. It smells like a Cracker Barrel kitchen crossed with five old guys in a sauna. I think that, more than the one hour of sleep a day has destroyed Ryan's beautiful mind."

"Jack that doesn't sound good - how is Ryan right now?"

"Well unfortunately, he's still working on the comic. I think he's at 180 hours now. He's become obsessed with this and it may well lead to a bad end. Someone really ought to go in that trailer and slap him around or something."

"Jack, maybe you should call-"

"Xaviar we're the press. We can't get involved, we just report. Besides that Estrada's been eating Taco Bell all week - you really can't underestimate the level of trailer reekage we're talking about-"

"Thank you Jack!"


Re: Endurance Comic Making Update

I've been checkin the site off and on all morning. Ryan just posted that he just hit 168 a little while ago and he's goin for another 168

He's cracked

Re: Endurance Comic Making Ryan Insane

Ryan is insane. He's apparently not doing any more comics. He's actually just drawing circles on pieces of paper, drooling a lot, and muttering "Bez..Ryan Armand..damn their eyes.." over and over again.

So I hear.

According to the site, he's now doing a simple 175 hour/175 page comic for now, to be followed shortly thereafter by a 336 hour/page comic fortnight.

For the love of God, somebody do an intervention!