Errant Story Leaves Keenspot

Michael Poe has moved his comic, Errant Story, from Keenspot to his own server. Errant Story has been hosted on Keenspot for the better part of three years and Keen was also the home of Poe’s previous comic, Exploitation Now.

UPDATE: The original newspost at Errant Story has been removed. Poe has not responded yet to email on the earlier posting.

UPDATE 2: It’s official, Errant Story is leaving Keenspot.

The move from Keenspot is something we’ve been working with them to arrange since January. It was then that it became apparent that Michael really needed to be independent if he were going to continue building his career in this field, but we wanted to make sure that we did the least amount of damage with our move, and we had a lot of details to work out since Keenspot had also been the publisher for Michael’s books. Now, everything has been settled, and so it was time to move on. Keenspot has been a good webhost for Michael for years, and it is important to note that the move is the result of growing beyond what they could offer, not malice or disdain for the service that they provide. In short, this is a graduation, not a divorce.

Read the full explanation here. Poe is the latest in a long line of cartoonists to “graduate” from Keenspot and go solo.