Week One of July 2005

Welcome to week one of our July issue. We are themeless this month – utterly and completely without theme. There have been many debates, on Comixpedia and elsewhere, about whether our themes help or harm us. So we’re trying an experiment this summer. Neither July nor August will have themes. And please – no arguments about whether themelessness constitutes a theme itself.

This week we have a feature piece from Neil Cohn called “Reframing ‘Comics'” in which Neil explores new levels of visual language, in particular the vocabulary we use. Our interview is with Stephen Crowley, creator of Loxie and Zoot as well as Magellan. Our review is from Alicia Curtis, who read through Jeffery Stevenson and Seth Damoose’s horror humor comic Spook’d. Regular columnist Erik Melander peered through his Looking Back Glass at June and early July. And finally, we’ve got Modern Humor Authority from Kristofer Straub poking around the idea of webcomics awards.