Famous Blogger a “Sinfest” Reader

– how could GOD go out of style?
– easy. people tune him out. times change. shit happens.
– but he’s god he’s eternal! he goes on forever and ever!
– exactly. that’s why people tune him out.

Tatsuya Ishida said it. And he’s quoted in the older editions of the weblog of Salam Pax.

We don’t know Pax’s true name, nor are we likely to, since his anonymity protects his very life. What we do know is that he defies a number of shallow stereotypes about Iraqis. He hates Saddam but is almost equally bitter about "the new colonialism." He is a homosexual. And he appears to be a Sinfest reader.

Salam Pax (the name means “Peace” in Arabic and Latin) has one of the most unusual single voices in blogging and perhaps the most historically significant. His day-to-day encapsulation of Baghdad life has assumed critical importance in Internet culture.

Months earlier, before the war consumed his concentration, Salam playfully <"http://www.where_is_raed.blogspot.com/2002_10_01_where_is_raed_archive.html">accused Sinfest of reading his mind regarding a fellow blogger.

The current edition does not contain any Sinfest links, and even the older editions only described Pax as an "occasional" reader. But nevertheless, this prominent Iraqi has recommended Sinfest, a strip featuring an underdressed quasi-prostitute, frequent jokes about religion, and a talking pig. More stereotypes broken.

Pax has been quiet since Tuesday. One hopes he is well.

T Campbell