Back from the Beach Weekend News Update

I’m tan, rested, and ready… for webcomics. Sorry for that but I’ve got a Nixonian like combination of sorta-tan and five o’clock shadow.

As soon as I walked back in Comixpedia’s virtual door, I saw a note from T Campbell that he’s going to be making big changes to his new webcomic Search Engine Funnies this upcoming September 5 with the release of something called “Blackhat.” More details soon I’m sure.

I also saw that Warren Ellis is musing again on his email list about how to make a better go of crafting original comics work (and I suppose weaning himself from the superhero thing) by utilizing his online fanbase. Ellis notes that between his email list, Bad Signal, his LiveJournal and he probably reaches about 10,000 people in total while the sales ceiling on his original work is currently about 20,000. What I’m trying to get a handle on (and I don’t have it yet) is what that means for translating Ellis’ numbers into the webcomics world Comixpedia readers already know and love. And it raises interesting questions – for someone so determined to control his artistic fate as Ellis is he better off alone, or with some sort of existing online publisher (Keenspot or MT for example). Obviously someone with Ellis’ track record and notoriety brings a lot of unique attributes to whatever online effort he decides upon.

I also wanted to point out that Blog Ads (which is who we use to manage the sponsorship ads that run on the right side of the site) is having a contest to pick a new logo. Winner gets $1000 and something for the resume I expect. If you do submit something you might mention this post at Comixpedia as your inspiration (because if you do and you win we get $300). Blog Ads has been a good experience for Comixpedia and they definitely strike me as a pretty non-corporate corporation that will probably go for something unexpected. Continue Reading


KGB Confiscates Webcartoonist’s Equipment, Threatens Jail

The Belarus regime is cracking down on webcomics:

Dear Dr. R. Russell:

I live in Grodno, Belarus. My name is Oleg Minich. I’m a cartoonist and I have created 28 short cartoons about contemporary life in Belarus.

On 16.08.2005 five KGB officers burst into my flat, conducted a search, took away my computer, all CDs, and all floppy disks. I’m accused under the article 368 Criminal Code Republic of Belarus “Insulting of the President of Belarus.” I can be imprisoned for 5 years.

More on this story here and here. Continue Reading


Fans Help Restore Fans

On July 10, all files from Graphic Smash editor T Campbell’s Fans and Rip & Teri series were lost to a unique server snafu. Campbell quickly promised to restore the over 1,300 files that comprised these series, but found he couldn’t do it alone.

A critical two percent of the files remained missing, unaccounted for on backup disk. Fans audio contributor Kara Dennison and Rip & Teri colorist David Willis helped to close the gap, but even they didn’t have everything.

At that point, longtime Fans readers Bo Lindbergh and Alan Dicey ("Muttley") came to the rescue. Continue Reading

Major 2D Webcomic Goes 3D

The popular, long-running webcomics adventure series Fans explores its more serious themes in an unconventional art style. This is the first time a major 2D webcomics series has recast its characters in 3D modeling.

With the ten-page story "Iman," Fans author T Campbell reviews the short, unhappy life of Tim the Fanboy. The story flashes back from his death to the trauma he felt as a young man with an Islamic background during the World Trade Center attack, his proud membership in the Fans science fiction adventure club, his alienation from his new friends and his descent into fascism. The major constant is his obsessive need for order and resolve. Continue Reading


Webcartoonist Wanted For Sabotage

Michael Devlyn Poulin is wanted for attempted sabotage in two states.

Though Devlyn hasn’t been involved in webcomics recently, his strips with Steelee Faltis ranged from biting to controversial.

News sources were quick to mention Poulin’s "anti-corporate" webcomics and long history of activism.

One hopes they will not forget the hundreds of politically motivated cartoonists who do not sabotage radio towers. Continue Reading

Graphic Smash Launches September 15

The subscription site for action-adventure webcomics is set to launch September 15.

Edited by T Campbell, the site will feature thirty regular strips, including:

Die Bitch Die by Edmund Wong
Digger by Ursula Vernon
Felicity by John Troutman
Flick by Mikael Oskarsson
The Guardians by Graveyard Greg (with T Campbell) and Webtroll
Gun Street Girl by Barb Lien-Cooper and Ryan Howe
Interplanetary Grift by Jim Keplinger
Killroy and Tina by Justin Pierce
The License by Matthew Shepherd and Diego Jourdan
Mnemesis by Sylvan Migdal
Mythos and Magick by Jamie Robertson and Erin Zerbe
NonPersons by Amber "Glych" Greenlee
Ram by Brian Daniel
Rip & Teri by T Campbell and John Waltrip
Skirting Danger by Meredith Gran
She’s a Nightmare by Jesse Chen
Soul Chaser Betty by Brian Babendererde (BMAN)
The Twisting by The Marvelous Patric
Vigil by Juan Navarro Navarro
Vigilante, Ho! by John Troutman and Meaghan Quinn

These strips range from urban fantasy to steampunk to Western comedy to traditional superhero to spy romance to horror to crime drama. "But they all have two things in common," says Campbell. "They all contain ass-kicking action, and they all, themselves, kick ass."

Graphic Smash has not finalized its entire lineup, and is extending its original submissions deadline. "We’re keeping a few slots open for late arrivals," Campbell said, "so if you can get a couple of samples and a synopsis together and to me by September 8, you’ve still got a shot.” Continue Reading


The Addiction

My heart was racing.

My eyes were glazed, my muscles tense. I took a slight, masochistic pleasure in the repetitive motion injury I was developing in my shoulder. I kept glancing over that shoulder, afraid of being caught, but the fear only added to my excitement.

I had been surfing a popular online comics site on company time.

Continue Reading

Famous Blogger a “Sinfest” Reader

– how could GOD go out of style?
– easy. people tune him out. times change. shit happens.
– but he’s god he’s eternal! he goes on forever and ever!
– exactly. that’s why people tune him out.

Tatsuya Ishida said it. And he’s quoted in the older editions of the weblog of Salam Pax.

We don’t know Pax’s true name, nor are we likely to, since his anonymity protects his very life. What we do know is that he defies a number of shallow stereotypes about Iraqis. He hates Saddam but is almost equally bitter about "the new colonialism." He is a homosexual. And he appears to be a Sinfest reader. Continue Reading