Fans Help Restore Fans

On July 10, all files from Graphic Smash editor T Campbell’s Fans and Rip & Teri series were lost to a unique server snafu. Campbell quickly promised to restore the over 1,300 files that comprised these series, but found he couldn’t do it alone.

A critical two percent of the files remained missing, unaccounted for on backup disk. Fans audio contributor Kara Dennison and Rip & Teri colorist David Willis helped to close the gap, but even they didn’t have everything.

At that point, longtime Fans readers Bo Lindbergh and Alan Dicey ("Muttley") came to the rescue.

“Muttley and Bo really saved our bacon,” says Campbell. “Otherwise, I would have had to re-create the comics from the unlettered artwork, and the MP3s… I don’t even want to think about re-creating the MP3s,” Campbell says. “It was inexcusable for me not to keep backups of EVERYTHING, but at least it reminded me that I have some of the best readers in comics."

T Campbell