Fans joins Graphic Smash

On September 15, the Keenspot comic Fans will move to Graphic Smash.

“This was not an easy decision,” announced T Campbell, writer of Fans and editor of Graphic Smash, on the Fanswebsite. "There are many wonderful things about Keenspot, as there are many wonderful things about Graphic Smash. Keenspot introduced me to a community of online cartoonists and many delightful new readers. I am grateful.

"But while emotionally rewarding, our relationship has not been financially rewarding for either of us. Fans is a high-bandwidth, high-readership strip. As such, it’s far more compatible with Graphic Smash’s business model than with Keenspot’s business model."

"Though some Keenspotters will disagree, I think this choice is best for all involved. Keenspot’s servers can reallocate their bandwidth to strips more profitable for Keenspot. Graphic Smash will get a new feature with some of the best readers in all of comicdom. And I will get enough money to continue Fans.

"Once, I thought I would run out of Fans stories in early 2004. Then, I thought we’d run out of money to continue Fans in early 2004. Now, I know we have the stories, and the resources, to continue past that date– and Fans will outlive its fifth birthday [March 17, 2004]. I feel blessed."


T Campbell