Dayfree Press: Guest Strip Mania

What happens when you call upon the ten brightest new webcomics creators and put them in a members-only forum for two months? Very tight discussion about how to promote, reinvent, and improve webcomics, ranging from advertising agendas, reviewing submissions, merchandising, and making the best of such promotional tools such as countdown sites and webcomics directories. Along the way, a magical thing occurs. Collaboration. Guest strips, fan art, and crossovers forming a spider-web that would soon grow so complex that no mere human could possibly follow it. Until now. Dayfree Press is proud to present a new comprehensive guide to its member’s guest strips, including works from the creators of such comics as Ctrl+Alt+Del, Little-Gamers, Movie Punks, Robot Stories, Orneryboy, and more, branching even outside the Dayfree Press Network into guest strips for Scary Go Round, Diesel Sweeties, VG Cats, and Nothing Nice to Say. And what better time to launch such a feature as the beginning of a multi-week guest strip series for the latest masterpiece by Brian Carroll, “Instant Classic.”