OPUS returns in weekly strip AND computer-animated feature film?

According to Harry Knowles, Berke Breathed will soon bring BLOOM COUNTY back with a new weekly newspaper strip AND a computer-animated movie that Breathed will write and direct for Dimension Films. Both the strip and the movie will star and be titled OPUS.

Chris Crosby

Chris Crosby created and published his first professional comic book, SNAP THE PUNK TURTLE, at the age of 16 in 1993. In 1996, he co-created/co-wrote the best-selling independent superheroine comic series SCORN, and co-founded the parody label Blatant Comics. In January 1998, AnotherUniverse.com commissioned his first regularly-published online comic, the weekly SNAP THE PUNK TURTLE, and in March 1999, he launched his first daily webcomic, SUPEROSITY. In early 2000, Chris created and co-founded the online comic network Keenspot. In March 2004 he launched SORE THUMBS with artistic collaborator Owen Gieni, and later went on to produce WICKEDPOWERED, LAST BLOOD, and CROW SCARE with Gieni.


  1. Harry Knowles has dearly loved since childhood every single movie, TV show, comic book, and comic strip ever produced in all of history.

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