Graphic Smash Announces Six New Series

Graphic Smash launched its second season on March 16 with an announcement of six new series. (Two more will be joining the ranks within the month, for a total of eight.) The new series include: Life on Forbez, Big Dick’s Ball, Ascent, The Japanese Beetle, The Jaded, and Aces High.

Life on Forbez: Comedy series about various alien species on the planet Forbez, especially the Nordians. Assigned to nurture a colony of dinosaurs, the Nordian gengineers accidentally created human life. 65 million years later, a Nordian single-parent household is still taking the blame for that one.

Big Dick’s Ball: Join Big Dick and the gang as they battle evil and cause massive property damage by night and work in the world’s largest adult diaper factory by day, and sleep in their house on the side of Shit Creek by morning or eatin their favorite dive bar, The Bacon Strip, by early evening. They’re always somewhere.

Ascent: Sylvan Migdal’s typically enigmatic summary for this series featuring magic, music, and infinitely tall towers is: "Because infinity’s gotta end sometime, right?"

The Japanese Beetle: Ken Watanabe is the world’s worst superhero. Forget truth, justice, and the American way — he’s in it for chicks, fame, and big-money endorsement contracts. Not just another superhero parody, this series captures the energy and good-natured fun of 1960s Japanese cartoons.

The Jaded: Cut all your ties to the past in exchange for service as an underground mercenary. It’s the second chance of a lifetime… unless your past decides it doesn’t want to be cut away. Action. Adventure. Danger. For hire.

Aces High: What if coolness was a super-power? And what if one person’s being cool meant another person had to be equally uncool?


T Campbell


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