A Few More Blogs for Your Information and Entertainment

A few more blogs about comics beyond beloved Websnark worth mentioning to Comixpedia readers:

Digital Strips describes itself as “a blog of the web comics scene. Here you’ll find reviews, links, and comments of our favorite digital comic strips. Space for comics in newspapers is limited and dwindling, but the internet is a wide open canvas.” Recent good posts include this one about podcasting webcomics and this one about webcomics versus Garfield (Or at least there’s a picture of Tycho kicking Garfield’s butt).

You might also check out the just restarted Evil Network which used to be a directory but is now a blog.

Last, you may already be reading I Read the Comics So You Don’t Have To, but if you’re not and you’ve ever smirked over inane newspaper comics or just wanted Apartment 3-G to speed things up for cryin’ out loud then this is a blog for you.




  1. Curse you! I have now been spending the day reading through IRTCSYDHT and it’s completely killed whatever productivity I had planned for the day.

    By golly the webcomic world could sure use a I Read The Keenspace So You Don’t Have To blog.

  2. Oh, god, that would be BRILLIANT. Please, someone.

    I’d do it myself, but it would mean I’d have to start reading large swathes of Keenspace.

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