The Final Chapter of GAAK has begun

The fourth and final chapter of the Steven Spielberg meets Tim Burton alien invasion adventure G.A.A.K: Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures by writer/creator Darryl Hughes and artist Monique MacNaughton has begun.

GAAK debuted in November 2003 on the DrunkDuck website ( where the monsters-run-amok alien invasion adventure began it’s successful run to the delight of scifi fans everywhere. The Webcomic Book Club wrote of GAAK: “…Imagine Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton having a love-on and doing a UFO invasion epic with ordinary kids as the heroes…”, and the Sequential Tart wrote of GAAK: “…It’s a fresh take on classic themes. And if Hughes’ quirky humor or creepy horror stylings wasn’t enough, MacNaughton’s inks are nothing short of stunning…”

The final Chapter of GAAK will bring the scifi saga to a fun filled end. In it we find the Eden’sVille kids up against the ravenous “New Batch” aliens as they try to save their small town and the world from the maniacal alien leader Gakk and his fiendish plot to take over the earth and meet the original cast of “Star Trek”.