Friday Morning News

A Scott McCloud update plus more on how creators can plug themselves through the new Comixpedia Library.

It looks like Scott McCloud is wrapping up his forthcoming book Making Comics and planning for a massive book tour to promote it. That’s good news – hopefully his publisher gives him its full resources to promote the book. Good publicity for McCloud is great for Scott of course but also could help to reinforce comics as mainstream in the larger pop culture consciousness.

Darryl Hughes’ been a regular participant at Comixpedia for awhile and I should remember to plug his work a bit more because it is generally entertaining stuff. His GAAK webcomic, by both him and Monique MacNaughton is now hosted at WebcomicsNation. Of course if Hughes or MacNaughton had created entries in the new Comixpedia library already they could have told you that themselves (I’m putting in lots of entries myself but there’s only so much I can do a day…) William G has and just posted a new update for himself which you can read in the Creator Updates box right below the news headlines. That personal update also shows up on the Library homepage and William G’s library entry itself.

And I’m still looking for creator-oriented collectives/groups (Blank Label, Boxcar, etc) and webcomics-oriented publishers (MT, Keenspot, etc) to add to Library – email me or post on the thread in the Portal forum. One collective I just found that was new to me is Comic Ostrich which seems worth checking out. Note also that I’m not looking for pure hosting (and hosting plus) services for the library (although those type of things are wanted for our useful links directory). I realize this is an arbitrary split and that some groups are kind of in-between my two examples but I think in the long-run this will be a useful way to think about groups.


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