Friday’s Mixed Bag Of News


  • Ka-Blam, the print-on-demand printer specializing in comics, moves into new office space seven times their old, replaces their old press with three new ones, and hires more staff. The POD business seems to be going well.
  • I had no idea there existed an unofficial Project Wonderful blog and forum. Here’s one post discussing the costs of ads.

    Project Wonderful’s prices are low, but I don’t think most users realize just how low they actually are. I did some comparisons between ads on PW sites and other similar ads sold through conventional channels, and the results are pretty clear: the same ad space sold through PW will command a much lower price.


  • Time magazine covers webcomics. Penny Arcade, PvP, Achewood, and Diesel Sweeties gets ink (errr… pixels?).
  • And speaking of Diesel Sweeties, here’s an article on it in The Daily News.


  • The 2006 Comic Book Challenge, which blasted Platinum Studios into the consciousness of webcomic creators last year will be back this year according to the website.
  • The Pulse has a short report from the UK Web and Mini Comix Thing that was held on March 17.



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