Friday’s (Tiny) News Offerings: WCN, Estrada and Viper

Digging through the threads in the Talk about comics forum might now and then yield something of interest, such as this post by Joey Manley on the progress of WCN subscriptions and goals, found in a thread comparing WCN with

If we can get to 100 paying customers (we’re in the mid-fifties now, after a couple of weeks), I will be making enough money to quit my consulting gigs and work full-time on webcomics.

Ryan Estrada has passed the half way mark on this 168-hour comic week. I suspect that the second half of the week will be significantly more difficult than the first one though.

Comic book publisher Viper comics seems to keep an eye on webcomics. They ahve published works by Kazu Kibuishi’, Otis Frampton’s Oddly Normal, and Les McClain (nominated for an Eisner award for Best digital comic), and is hosting Wes Molebash’s webcomic You’ll have that. Now they have added another webcomic to the site, The Horrible Pirates updates mondays.