Full Story: An Index of Completed Webcomics Launches Today

Alexander Danner announced today the launch of Full Story, an index of completed webcomics.

The internet is, in many ways, a cult of the new. An exciting new idea can propagate through blogs, and forums, and e-mail seemingly instantaneously, such that it appears everywhere almost at once. And just as quickly, yesterday’s idea is replaced with today’s. The old idea may never be spoken of again, unless it can somehow be made new again. This is just as true of interesting webcomics as it is of anything else.

Most webcomics have addressed this need for perpetual new-ness through the process of serialization. Each update is quickly replaced, creating a cycle of novelty that allows diligent creators to retain the attention of their readers. It is easy to see that the success of a webcomic is predicated as much on frequency as anything else; a weekly comic will usually be more successful than a monthly one; a daily strip will usually be more successful than a weekly one. And so forth.

Given this environment, then, what chance do stories that have completed their run, or that were never serialized in the first place have of finding an audience? Almost none, aside from the occasional brief flash of recognition as a new short catches the attention of the blogosphere. And finding these stories can be a great challenge, even to those readers who actively seek them out.

Full Story exists to see that these non-perpetuating strips aren’t forgotten forever, but remain visible and accessible to those who are interested in reading them. Designed to be an easily searchable directory exclusively devoted to completed and self-contained comics, Full Story is an ideal resource for readers who enjoy a complete “beginning, middle, and end” reading experience.

Full story is built and maintained by webcomics author, Alexander Danner, and can be found at http://www.twentysevenletters.com/fullstory.


Alexander Danner

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  1. Great. Between this, Oh No Robot, and Comixpedia.org it looks like all webcomic researching needs will be taken care of.

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