Genre City: Plan B Archives Now Free

Benjamin Birdie moves his Modern Tales comic Genre City: Plan B to his WebComicsNation site making all of the archives free for all readers new and old.

In a decision that was in no way made lightly, cartoonist Benjamin Birdie has decided to retire Genre City: Plan B from Modern Tales and continue serialization on !Pass, his WebComicsNation site. All of the archives of this comic, which has been enjoyed by so many for so long, are now free, and can be found here.

Mr. Birdie made it clear to this reporter that he has nothing but gratitude and respect for his now former editor Joey Manley and for Modern Tales. “I wouldn’t be anywhere without Joey’s support,” he said. “There would be no Genre City today if he hadn’t taken a chance on it.”

Genre City: Plan B updates Wednesdays on !Pass, which features new comics of all stripes every day but Saturday.